Zayed University Dieting Weight Loss Diet Literature Review


need to read three academic journal articles and write a literature

I chose this topic because I’m curious about these diets and how do they work and the different types like keto, fasting, and low carb. and does all people have a positive effect from a diet or they have negative body effect, And is it hard to change the eating habits like from eating anything you like to things that are limited and some people say that diet food doesn’t have the same enjoyment of regular food that we eat every day. That also leads to change our lifestyle to a better one. Moreover, does it have a huge role in changing behaviors and mood? and how does our sleeping schedule affects the diet and make it more helpful, finally after the person has done the diet is he satisfied with the results or he didn’t get benefited in the way he imagined and does he will continue with the diet or just when he gets to his goal will discontinue the diet.

And mention that I will do surveys to get my answers and see peoples opinion in diets

There are several weight-loss diets popular among people of all ages, such as paleo, vegan, low-carb, keto, and Mediterranean. When a person changes the type and amount of food they eat, then it could result in several other changes, such as with behavior, mood, health and sleep. Investigate both students’ perceptions of and the actual relationships between popular weight loss methods and subsequent changes in other areas of a person’s life.