. Your own 250-word abstract summarizing the purpose, methods, results, and conclusions

1. Your own 250-word abstract summarizing the purpose, methods, results, and conclusions
of the study

2. A critique of each section of the manuscript (at least 700 words).
Below are items that should be addressed (if applicable) when critiquing each section of the paper:
? Why is this research important? How well did the authors justify this in the review of literature?
Did they summarize the existing literature relevant to the issue addressed?

? What is the research question/s (purpose/objectives) and hypothesis? Is the phrasing
comprehensive, clear, specific?
? Do the authors use well-defined, non-ambiguous terminology (avoiding jargon)?
? Did the authors provide sufficient detail for the replication of the study?
? What is the study design (make sure to note if this is an experimental, observational, case study,

? Are the data collection procedures and instruments described? What is the dependent variable
(DV)? Independent variables (IV)? Is the dependent variable (outcome measure) well-defined and
clearly measurable? Are the IVs (exposure or condition to be manipulated) operationally defined
and measurable?

? Who is the sample population? Does this population place any limits on the generalizability of the
results? Was the sampling procedure/subject selection described?
? Sample size ? How do the authors justify the number of subjects in the study
? How was their sample assessed? Was the measure validated?
? Does the study design have any control condition to rule out chance findings?
? Is the time frame adequate to answer the research question?

? Was the number of subjects in each group specified? Were the subject characteristics
? Did the results relate to the specified objective/hypotheses?
? Do the tables and figures ?stand alone?? Are they useful and clear?
? Are the tables adequately titled, labeled, and footnoted so they can be interpreted without
reference to text?
? What statistical analyses were conducted? Were these types of analyses appropriate? Why or

why not? If not, what test(s) is/are better indicated for this study?
? Did authors discuss the results in relations to the objectives/hypotheses? Is there a clear
distinction between the results of the hypothesis being tested and other unexpected findings

being discussed?
? Were the results discussed in relation to those from similar studies or in relation to the theoretical
background for this field of study?
? Are the authors justified in the strength of their data interpretations and conclusion statements?

Did they offer alternative explanations for results?
? How will these results add to this field of research? Were potential directions for future studies
? Name at least one study strength and study limitation
? Are the references comprehensive and current?
? Did the author provide reference citations for fact statements?