written assignment walk the walk

Written Assignment: Walk the Walk:

The Common Core standards for writing are divided into three categories:

  • Narrative Writing
  • Persuasive/Opinion/Argument Writing
  • Informational and Functional/Procedural Writing

The emphasis is given to the final two writing genres and that emphasis extends across the content areas. The Common Core also requires that textual evidence be used when possible in all written work. Using Differentiated Literacy Strategies: Grades 7-12 as you guide please write an informational paper that:

  • Demonstrates your knowledge of creating a climate for and providing strategies to support diverse literacy learners in your classroom.

Your paper should include

  • How you can create a climate for literacy learning.
  • How you can use technology to differentiate instruction.
  • At least two specific strategies found in the Gregory text that can apply to your content area(ELA).

This paper is to be no longer than 250 words. It is a skill to hone down your words. This will require you to make precise vocabulary choices as well as to really consider the best way to use syntax and semantics to get your message across to the reader while at the same time demonstrating your proficiency in differentiated literacy instruction.

Although you are often encourages to bring in supporting information from other sources, the purpose of this paper is to use the information presented in the Gregory text. Please be sure to utilize this source and cite appropriately in APA style.


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