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Put the following information into a reference page in APA style.

Remember they need to be in alphabetical order!!

Directions1. Type your assignment on ONE page

  1. 2. Do you work YOURSELF — If I suspect you plagiarized this assignment, you will get a zero(and it will be reported to your department head。
  2. 3. Use the APA guides to help you. Also, you can use APA websites such as https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/10/orhttp://www.apastyle.org/learn/index.aspx?tab=2
  3. 4. REMEMBER you are creating a reference page so make sure you format the page correctly.
    6. Submit your assignment through the Blackboard below. Don’t forget to format the page in the correct APA format.
    1. The noted Japanese sociologist John de Gruchy collaborated with Glenn Forbes to publish their influential 2002 book, Japan in Education, Society and Culture. It was published in London,England by Bloomsbury Publishing.
    2. William Strunk, Jr., wrote the original edition of The Elements of Style in 1918. It was requiredreading in his course at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, where he also lived. The authorpublished this first edition himself. It was subsequently revived and revised and number of times with the latest edition in 1999 and published by Chicago University Press, in Chicago, Illinois.
    3. It was long thought that space science developed in a steady cumulative state. However, The Canadian Science Institute argued that space science reached tipping points that cascaded into new ways of thinking. This is in the Canadian government report, Space and the Structure ofScientific Revolutions that was published in 2011 by The National Research Council and is located online at https://www.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca/eng/publications/nrc_pu…
    4. Journal of New Music Research published a provocative article entitled “All the Notes: Do We Really Need Them?” in 2018 (volume 41, pages 112-115). The authors were Jennifer Lopes,Aubrey Drake Graham, Michael Jackson, who had a Ph.D., Marshall Bruce Mathers, who had a B.A., Paul McCartney, who had a Ph.D., Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, and Pharrell Lanscilo Williams.
    5. Kristeen McLellan wrote a really interesting chapter “What Does English Have to Do with What I am Studying” in the book Surviving Graduate School that Kathreen Riel and Kevin Shackleton edited. They first lived in Montreal, but couldn’t get it published there, so they went to Torontoand worked with Penguin Publishing in 2015.


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