write a reflection paper about the attached article

write a reflection paper about the attached article

the reflection should included the important reading concepts of the article and your personal reflection on the article.

reflection on the article (1/4 facts and 3/4 reflection).

use business writing style as example below:

Design Thinking Article

Important reading concepts:

-A good designer should be able to create something that addresses a need or fills certain gaps.

-It is not purely coming up with products or ideas that do not have value to the individuals targeted by them.

-The author highlights five characteristics that define the profile of a designer. They include empathy, integrative thinking, optimism, experimentalism, and collaboration.

-While all the five characteristics present interesting facts about a designer, three, in particular,stand out.

Personal Reflection

I think that one of the three characteristics ofa designer that stands out is optimism. Optimistic people always focus beyond the negativities and challenges that a situation throws at them. As the author explains, optimistic designers see a solution beyond the available alternatives that one is presented with.

I also believe that a good designer must also practice empathy. Whileothers may be driven by the financial gains that they are bound to make should they have a breakthrough, an empathetic designer focuses on people more than anything. The solution that he or she presents is one that is focused on coming up with a reliable solution that will answer the questions that people have and address the problems that they face.

Lastly, I agree with the author that the characteristic of collaboration is also fundamental in making a good designer. An individual working alone on a particular project may findit difficult to come up with a solution since some problems require the input of more than one person. Collaboration is essential when it comes to design since it allows one to have more than one alternative to turn to and more than one approach to consider.


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