with this assignment annotated bibliography you begin your research

this assignment related to assignments 2 that you did in the the research in south africa

  • Full citation: Provide a full citation for the article following the format identified by the instructor.
  • Summary: 3-4 sentence summary of each article, identifying who, what, why, when, and where. Be sure to cite all quotes and paraphrases.
  • Class perspective: Discuss how the articles relate to the overarching topic/theme of your class. Then, write 2-3 sentences (for each article) explaining how this article/research resource analyzes the InFocus challenge area from the perspective of this course. Be sure to cite all quotes and paraphrases.
  • Stakeholders or interest groups:
    • List the people, groups or organizations discussed in the articles. Identify who they are and their specific perspective or interest in the issue.
    • Indicate which article mentions each stakeholder or interest group.
    • It may be that stakeholders for this challenge area are not specifically identified in a given article, and you should use your critical thinking and imagination to fully flesh out just who they are.
    • Note: According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, a stakeholder may be :a) one that has a stake in an enterprise; b) one who is involved in or affected by a course of action.

Issue: In 1-2 sentences, use information from your articles to identify a single challenge (i.e. eroding minority rights) related to your research topic (inequality; female singers) that you think the community should address, and how. For example, something government or other political actors are doing or not doing, or some situation governments or other political actors should address; or some cultural reality that is preventing a deeper address of the challenge; or structures in society that prevent change. One or more issues/problems will probably be discussed in your articles.

Title: Be sure to have a title of your research topic. For example, Anti-War Protest Music During the Pinochet Dictatorship in Chile.


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