Why does health insurance, in general, exist in health care market?

Why does health insurance, in general, exist in health care market?

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Topic Choice 1: Vaccination policies

Australia has a “No Jab No Pay – immunization requirements” policy that requires that children meet immunization requirements in order for parents to qualify for certain taxation and social welfare benefits.
What are the key health economic principles underpinning how such a policy would operate? From a health economics perspective, why might the government introduce such a policy?
Topic Choice 2: Private health insurance in Australia

In hospital care, Australia has a mixed public-private system. Hospitals are financed through a mixture of general taxation, levies, private health insurance premiums and patient co-payments. Hospital treatments are provided by State-owned public hospitals as well as non-profit and for-profit private hospitals. About 48 % of the Australians have any form of private health insurance. People who hold private insurance remain eligible to receive care in public hospitals. In this system, universal health insurance and private health insurance co-exist.