Week 8: Faith Integration Discussion

Week 8: Faith Integration Discussion
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Watch Kelvin Cochrans story and post a reflection that demonstrates critical thinking and application of course material. Students are required to post an original reflection and respond to at least one (1) post made by classmates.

What jumped out at you?
How does this affect your commitment to serving God in the workplace?


The quality of your posting will be assessed, not your viewpoint or beliefs. To view the grading rubric associated with this discussion, click the Options icon (3 dots) in the top right corner of the page, and select Show Rubric.

Post your initial reply to this discussion by Tuesday 11:59PM of this week.  After you’ve posted your response, you will be able to read your classmates’ responses. Respond to at least one classmate by Thursday 11:59PM of this week. Click on Reply below to post your initial thread to this discussion. Comment on fellow students’ posts by clicking on Reply below their posts.


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