Trinsic Rewards, Behavior Modifications, Motivation

Hello, I need help developing a response to the following:

1. It is relatively easy for a manager to manipulate extrinsic rewards. Describe some of the ways in which a manager could affect intrinsic rewards.

2. Discuss how behavior modification operates to motivate employees. Why is it still important to understand people’s needs when using this approach?

3. What are some alternative ways of finding out the values of another person?

4. Can attitudes be changed? If so, how? If not, how?

5. Albert Einstein attributed his famous theory of relativity to sudden insight. Many executives say that when it comes to personnel and product-related problems, their intuition serves them better than objective, rational study. What is the view? Are insight and intuition unrelated to analytical reasoning?

6. Assume that you are to be placed in charge of a group of employees in the global organization that are located in different areas of the world. Outline the key action steps that you will take to make sure that the group develops into a real team.

7. Discuss the issue of self-managed teams and why it may take several years for such a team to reach its full potential. Why might this be so? How could the process be shortened?