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That is, the analysis and evaluation of the example problem based on the principles, including the final recommendations and their justification 18 How well the example problem was described, including the extent and depth of information (including the data) about it that was accessed Structure and presentation 2 Style, grammar and language Total Less penalties GRAND TOTAL General comments FOR MODERATOR’S USE ONLY I agree with the assessor’s assessment I disagree with the assessor’s assessment and the new mark is as follows for the following reasons: 120 Moderator: Title Creativity and Innovation Assignment topic Examine the creativity implementation and new innovation of a product or service development process in a local firm in any of the following industries.

Manufacturing Government Retail Energy Executive summary In this report, I will give a brief introduction and background of the company hoses. Will define Creativity and innovation and identify strategies used by the organization. The body of this report will be an analysis of the organization’s entrepreneurial approach, innovative improvements and strategic alliances made by the organization. The conclusion will then give insight on the organizations intended direction, challenges and befits encountered, and how it has impacted on the organization and its customers. Table of Contents 1 . Introduction…………………………………………………………………………….. 3 i. Background of Company…. ….. 4 ii.

What is Creativity and Innovation? …….. 5 iii. Models of Innovation.. ……. 5 iv. Innovation characteristics in the organization….. ? …. 6 v. Strategic Alliance…. 7 2. Creating an Innovative and Creative Culture i. Entrepreneurial 8 ii. Process iii. Strategic Alliances……………………….. …. 10 iv. ……. 10 v. Challenges 3. Conclusions………………………… … 12 1. Introduction Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago is a traditional festival that takes place once every year. It can be described as a street parade where persons from all over the oral come to our twin island republic Trinidad and Tobago, just to be a part of this experience.

The experience offered is always dependent on the masquerade (mass) band that each individual decides to be a part of, as there are quite a few options. ‘Mass’ bands are basically organizations or committees that come together to provide costumes, entertainment, music, and any other additional incentives to make the experience of playing in a masquerade band satisfying to its customers. This report will be based upon one of the biggest company and ‘mass’ band here in Trinidad and Tobago called Tribe. This report will contain four sections. In the first section I will give a little background of the company chosen and then define creativity and innovation. Will then identify creative and innovative approaches that Tribe has adopted in order to continuously improve its service to its customers.

The body of this report will show how the transfer of knowledge and technology will has impacted on the company’s ability to improve its creativity and innovation, and the added benefits it brings. The conclusion will then state how these approaches, recesses and principles used by Tribe has impacted on the organization and may continue to do so in the future. 1. 1 Background of Company Dean Akin founder and band leader of Tribe started his business career back in 1990 as salesman trading jewelry, clothing, perfumes and accessories. As business grew, he obtained a boutique in Woodblock Port-of-Spain where he sold ladies clothing and accessories. (Trinidad and Tobago Entertainment Company n. D).

With a constant generation of ideas, a desire for more and an eye open for opportunities, he and his wife were able to gain a section in the then popular ‘mass’ band, Poison. Pleasure carnival, the name that was chosen for the section was very successful in its first year and saw massive growth within the second year. Seeing the greater opportunities, Dean Akin planned to branch off from the Poison ‘mass’ band to from his own band. Knowing the risk involved he was determined not to fail for he evaluated every single avenue that may want to prove him otherwise. (Anywhere Haynes, 2011). Today, Tribe is one of the most popular carnival bands here in Trinidad and Tobago and takes its experience to another level each year in an attempt to mutinously satisfy its customers.

Registered under the name Ultimate Events Ltd, Tribe uses creative and innovative concepts and ideas to always stay ahead of its competitors when it comes to satisfying customer needs and wants. Within the last three years the brand Tribe has grown tremendously focusing on different types of events and is now recognized in countries all over the world. (Tribe, 2012) 1. 2 What is Creativity? Creativity can be defined as the generation of ideas that result in the improved efficiency or effectiveness of a system that consists of two important aspects: people and process. People are the resources that can help lead to a solution and the process is what is designed to accomplish the solution. (Trucker, P 1985) What is Innovation?

Innovation can be defined as the process of an idea or invention to be translated into a good or service of value that people will pay for. Is often argued and referred to as the engine of growth which can be stimulated through market growth and competition. (Trucker, P 1985) 1. 3 Models of innovation Linear Model – This suggests that innovation happens in a linear fashion from the beginning stages to the end user. Coupling model – This suggest that innovation is a continuous cycle between R, manufacturing and marketing. Problem with this model is that the end user is not incorporated in this model. Interactive model – This is a complex linear model in which innovation does not progress sequentially throughout different stages.

Network models – This is where innovation goes beyond the internal organization 1. 4 Innovation characteristics in the organization Growth Orientation – This is where the organization is completely committed to the long-term growth of the company rather than the short term profits. Vigilance – Identifying ones strengths and weaknesses is very important in surviving in today highly competitive environment. Technology – this changes quite rapidly and it is important that organizations embrace these changes and adapt where necessary. Assemble knowledge – whenever and opportunity comes along you’re the one that’s going to use knowledge in order to grasp them. Acceptance of risk – the greater the risk the greater the reward.

Receptivity – the ability to be aware of, to identify and take effective advantage of externally developed technology Adaptability – A readiness to accept change Diverse range of skills – A combination of specialization and diversity of knowledge and skills. 1. 5 Strategic Alliance This can be defined as an arrangement between two companies that have decided to share resources to undertake a specific, mutually beneficial project. A strategic alliance could help a company develop a more effective process, expand into a new market or develop an advantage over a competitor, among other possibilities. (Trucker, P 1985) Forms of strategic Alliances Joint venture Licensing Merger Acquisition

Collaboration (non-Joint ventures) Supplier relations Industry clusters There are several benefits of a strategic alliance, some of which include: Improved access to capital and new business Greater technical critical mass Shared risk and responsibility Better relationship with strategic partners Technology transfer benefits Reduce R & D costs Use of distribution skills Access to marketing strengths Access to technology Standardization By product utilization Management training 2 Creating an Innovative and Creative culture In order to create such a culture management must be on board and willing to allocate both time and money towards innovation and creativity.

Management can also include in its policy aspects regarding this to ensure that it is understood and practice throughout the company. This is a practice that is well used by band leader Dean Akin as he is always striving to bring something new to the industry that will add value to his customers. 2. 1 Entrepreneurial Approach With the increasing numbers of new competition yearly and dedication to always have that competitive edge Tribe introduces something new and innovative to captivate its masquerades each year. Innovative ideas like the first online system where masquerades were able to register and pay for their costume in the comfort of their homes via the internet both locally and abroad.

They were the first to host and introduce electronic ticketing in events throughout the Caribbean. They were also the first mass band to introduce a mobile cool down system for its masquerades (Tribe, 2012). 2. 2 Process Evaluation Concept evaluation What does the user want? What technology do we need? What does the market place allow? In order to continue satisfying the needs and wants of its customers Tribe has a view meeting on the first Monday after carnival where all staff is mandated to attend. At this meeting they review all the issues that arise during the carnival season and discuss ways on how the process can be improved in which a reward system is also based upon.

Feedback from customers is also discussed as they evaluate what processes worked and what may need to change or improve. New Methods of payment Cash with order is the initial procedure for ordering a costume from Tribe or a ticket to one of their events. The customer must make a down payment or pay in full for their costume in advance. Traditionally the customer would have to go into Tribe ‘mass camp’ in order to make payments however, due to the improvements in their process and the introduction of technological systems, customers can now do so online. Payments can now be made via their website, at their ‘mass camp’ or to any of their committee members and agents.

Band leader Dean Akin saw the lack of convenience for customers in the carnival industry when it comes to registration and payments and ensured that he was the first to introduce it to his customers Electronic Ticketing Technology has become the most significant enabler of innovation in services. Technology is known for its rapid changes and the impact it has on the economy. The electronic ticketing system is one that has been used in major parts of the world such as china and the U. S. A. Seeing the importance of this system and the benefits it can bring to his organization Dean Akin transferred those approaches used abroad to his own organization.

This system is used in order to easily track tickets and maintains a smooth level of accountability in the coordination of events. It also helps reduce the waiting time for customers when entering the event as it presents a smooth flow. Mobile Cool down System Feedback from its customer does not go unnoticed and the cool down system is proof of that. After hearing masqueraders complaining about the excessive heat throughout the day, Tribe has introduced a mobile cool down system in which masqueraders can be sprayed with water to keep them cool. This system is basically a tank on the back of a pickup van that pumps water through PVC piping and out of sprinklers.

Since its introduction by Tribe many competitors has seen the usefulness of this device and has adopted the same approach. 2. 3 Strategic Alliances With a rapid increase in growth of people wanting to play in their band, Dean Akin needed to formulate a way to manage this tremendous amount growth. He did so by expanding his brand and established a sister band called Bliss which made a huge impact in the carnival industry. For mass production, Tribe uses strategic alliances both locally and internationally by contracting foreign manufacturers to produce costume pieces for both bands, while the marketing and other responsibilities stays locally. Mr..

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