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Continuous quality improvement (CQI) is a viewpoint or attitude for assessing processes and improving them in order to increase customer satisfaction (Huber, 2014). CQI focus in healthcare is usually related to improving patient outcomes (Connor, 2014).

At the hospital I work in they initiated hourly rounding on patients. Although I did agree that the evidenced-based practice and research studies have proven that hourly rounding was beneficial, and had improved areas such as, decrease fall rate, and increased patient satisfaction. It was not something that was beneficial in the postpartum care unit. We actually found that customer satisfaction had decreased. We still wanted to do frequent rounding on patients but not every hour. We heard from patients they felt that too many people and too many times they were disturbed when not necessary. As part of a small committee we surveyed patients and came up with the idea to place magnetic time sheets on the door frame outside the room to initial when someone had been in the room last and we increased rounding to every two hours. It was helpful to staff to know when the last person was in the room, decreased the number of interruptions and it helped nurses to cluster their care which increased our satisfaction scores. The managers were impressed that we had come prepared with survey results, suggestions from patients and an idea to implement. They agreed that we should trial to increase rounding to every two hours and using the time sheets for a few months to see how it went. Patient satisfaction was up because they felt like the staff was available for them but not interrupting them continuously which interfered with getting rest and bonding with their new baby. Management was extremely happy with the results and initiated a committee that focused on researching improvements tailored for our special unit.


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