This assignment will use academic resources from the United Kingdom (UK) to help

This assignment will use academic resources from the United Kingdom (UK) to help you to understand further the modern concept of ‘dignity’ in social care, a theoretical perspective developed in Europe, which is gaining traction in the United States. The resources are predominantly from the UK because of the advanced stage of ‘Dignity in Social Care’ concepts, largely due to more widespread and integrated social care systems in the UK and Europe. In the assignment, you will review the UK resources and then respond to the prompts for the body of your research paper, which will provide details for application of ‘Dignity in Social Care’ concepts in the US. While the concept is at an earlier stage in the US, there are resources in the Ashford Library which cover the US – be sure to seek these out using ProQuest to support your paper. To access the ProQuest database, click on the Journal Articles button on the library homepage. Select the ProQuest (Search All ProQuest Databases) link. To limit results to the U.S. try using United Sates as an additional search term, or you can use the location limiter on the left side of your search results page to filter your results to those pertaining to the U.S. [Be sure to present your paper according to the ‘Assignment requirements’ listed below.] Step 1 – Review the Resources:
UK-Based Articles Anderson, L. (2008, Oct 22). Aging more complicated for gays; many fear discrimination in health care, social isolation and no family download . The Province Retrieved from
Kinnear, D., Williams, V., & Victor, C. (2014). The meaning of dignified care: An exploration of health and social care professionals’ perspectives working with older people download . BMC Research Notes, 7 doi:
Saltus, R., & Folkes, E. (2013). Understanding dignity and care: An exploratory qualitative study on the views of older people of african and african-caribbean descent download . Quality in Ageing and Older Adults, 14(1), 36-46. doi:
US-Based News/Opinion Dingell, D. (2015, Jul 12). Aging with dignity out of reach for many in America download . Detroit Free Press. Retrieved from
UK-Based Multimedia for Dignity Factors [Only 4 listed here]
Dignity in care: Choice and control (Links to an external site.)
Dignity in care: Communication (Links to an external site.)
Dignity in care: Privacy (Links to an external site.)
Dignity in care: Social inclusion (Links to an external site.)
UK-Based Website [Includes Information and Resources on All Eight Dignity Factors]
Social Care Institute for Excellence. (2016). Eight dignity factors (Links to an external site.). Retrieved from
Step 2 – Recommendations for US Implementation
Assume that you work for an organization that runs a system of social care in your State. The system includes individual elder care homes as well as care managers supporting elder care in private homes. Your Director of Operations has asked you to prepare a research paper of what factors to consider when implementing the ‘Dignity in Social Care’ concepts. Be sure to:
Explain what “Dignity in Social Care” is.
Describe the eight Dignity Factors with at least one example.
Describe how Dignity in Social Care concepts uniquely pertain to:
Elders whom are LGBTQI
Elders whom are Female
Elders whom are Racially Diverse (for example: African American, Native American, etc.)
Elders whom are Culturally Diverse (for example: Asians who are devout Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, etc.)

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The post This assignment will use academic resources from the United Kingdom (UK) to help first appeared on nursing writers.



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