the Police Chief

the Police Chief

Project description
In your Textbook, in Appendix I, Part 3, Chapter 7 (Court Personnel Roles and Functions), on page 418-419, there is a Case Study entitled “The Court Administrator and the Prudent Police Chief”. Please read that Case Study and after analyzing it, submit a one page or less written report, single spaced, double spaced between paragraphs and numbered responses (number each item of your response that corresponds with the item below that you are responding to), addressing and discussing the following:

1. Does the Police Chief have a legitimate concern or problem and why?,

2. Is the issue or problem important enough that it should be addressed by the Court Administrator and why?

3. Provide the details on how you propose the issue should be addressed or the problem solved to the satisfaction of both the Court and Police?.

4. Should the Court Administrator address this issue alone or should others be consulted as the Administrator attempts to address the issue or problem, and if so, who are those others and why?

Rebecca J.
Rebecca J.

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