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The text:

Ginny is a student in fourth-grade. She steals persistently. What the steps you will take as a school principal to address the issue?

1. Communication with Ginny’s mom, she must come to the school to discuss the incident. I think that when she defends her daughter’s denial of theft, that makes Ginny continue to steal. Ginny’s mom should see all evidence proving Jenny’s involvement in the theft, including Ginny’s confessions. The cooperation of Jenny’s mother will help to solve the problem effectively.

2. Continue to schedule sessions for Ginny with the school counselor. I think Ginny needs more help, and the school counselor as a professional can offer the assist to Ginny by evaluating the reasons for Ginny’s need to steal and develop a plan of treatment.

3.Communication with community institutions to discuss the options they can offer for the needs of low-income students. I believe that if Ginny gets some help, such as providing some of her needs for school supplies and clothes, this will help her to stop stealing.

4. If the theft rate is high in school, I can invite a police officer as a guest speaker to explain the ramifications of stealing.


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