supply chain project report

The company being used is Walmart

You should hand in a write‐up 6-10 pages that describes the supply chain, analyzes performance, identifies the key issues, compares the supply chain to others in the same or other industries, and recommends strategic considerations or tactics for improvement. Report must be neat, clean, and simple. The more detail and concise your report, the better your grade will be. Do not exceed 10 pages and do not fall under 6 pages.

Download the template from the link above. ( Template has been attached)

  1. The report must be written in concise and fluent English, including a clear and comprehensive abstract, and a well-written, purposeful report.
  2. Appearance: double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, free of typographical errors.
  3. Paragraphs should be indented and no longer than 4 sentences.
  4. Meets APA compliance standards. Properly formatted citations are a must!
  5. Should contain only the following pages:
    • cover page with course name, your name, college name, professor name, and submission date (1 page)
    • abstract (1 page)
    • body of the paper (6-10 pages)
    • reference page (1 page).
  6. You must follow the Supply Chain Writing Project Template provided exactly. Do not change headings, add headings, or remove headings. Simply insert your text into the appropriate heading.


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