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Think of yourself as a paid consultant who has been hired to: diagnose long-term and/or cross-functional problems in organizational performance, identify long-term opportunities, and recommend solutions and strategic pathways to improve long-term organizational health.
Keep in mind that as a consultant your opinion doesn’t matter. Your fee is based on an integrated, documented, and strong analysis that offers recommendations based on the application of relevant information.
It is important that you put together a cogent, clear analysis that can help you explain the root causes of the problems and propose solutions, using concepts from the documents provided and other relevant concepts based on the knowledge you reference to support your arguments.
Follow the steps below to create your “Strategy Playbook for Exceptional Results.”
**Helpful Information**
Please follow these key steps in its entirety to master the competency: Company Selection and Approval (Part 1): Select a company for analysis that is publicly traded, and the company information is easily available online. Get the company approved by the SME.
Play Book Entries (Part 2): Ensure you analyze the company as instructed in the assessment instructions. Additionally, please perform an analysis of the company compared to each of the following five (5) organizations per the assessment instructions (Play Book Entries): Apple Weather Company John Houghton and Signature Theater Telsa Trader Joes
Ensure that your response meets all the criteria listed in column 2 – (Meets Expectations) section of the rubric.
Common mistakes most students make that lead to them not mastering the competency include: Failure to include assumptions considered which lead to strategies or recommendations made by you. Failure to provide transitions between each section of the assessment. Vague executive summary that doesn’t adequately summarize the issue and recommendation. Vague strategy map that doesn’t include inter-connectivity. Response doesn’t justify selection of chosen alternative relative to others. Response doesn’t present compelling supporting arguments for proposed solutions.



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