sociology of religion extra credit paper


: Students can enhance their grades and scholarship by completing an extra-

curricular assignment. In this class credit will be given to students who attend a religious service other than their

own faith stance and complete a three to five page summary of that experience in the form of an essay. Some

important ideas to be included in the essay may be: the main faith stance of the group; the purpose of their religious

service; how they perceive non-believers; what is their relationship to government/state; what are the personal

benefits for the individual. Additionally, personal insights and reflection should be part of any summary.

Extra credit essays are equivalent to 10% of the value of your writing assignment and will be accepted in lieu of that

assignment should the student wish. In the latter case to receive a complete 100% credit for the academic paper a

total of ten events must be attended along with a complete essay for each.


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