Social Issue presented in 3 different sources

Typed, double-spaced, 12 pt. font
Include APA formatting for 3 outside sources used, including a separate Reference page (separate from the minimum pages required)

The purpose of this paper is to organize, research, and create an effective argumentative paper. For this paper, you will:

develop a thesis statement,
identify and structure the difference between main points and support,
interpret sources,
cite sources within your paper and in a basic References list, and
explore rhetorical perspectives and arguments.

a.) Find a social issue that is presented in 3 different sources

b.) To begin the introduction, present a summary of the issue you have chosen and include all the important, meaningful details.

c.)  Develop a thesis question about the central issue/argument for this issue.

d.) Define a focus in the form of a thesis statement (claim + reasons) that answers the thesis question.

e.) Describe, argue, and explain through comparison/contrast, the similarities and differences of how the issue is presented by three different writers, often three different news sources present information on an issue in very different manners. As you are preparing your paper, create a thesis that has one agenda. Let your readers know why your thesis is important.

f.)  As sources for your paper, you will use the 3 sources describing 3 different writers’ views of the same issue.

Select an issue that interests you. Keep in mind that your paper should consist of proper APA documentation, focus, development, and clarity, according to the DACC English Trait Analysis Sheet for ENGL 111G.

Restricted topics

Do not write about marijuana legalization; abortion, cloning, stem cell research, global warming, gun control, physician assisted suicide, or the death penalty. These topics have been overused and are very subjective.


Your paper should be well organized and easy for your readers to follow.
You must research your topic well. It is important to be ethical in your writing. Part of this will involve using accurate and current information (especially with any statistics you share).
For this paper you will need 3 credible sources, and they must be cited in-text with attributive tags, and cited in your reference page. Avoid questionable sources (Wikipedia, .com websites, etc.).
Your paper is due in a traditional, college-level essay structure.
The page minimum is four, typed, double-spaced pages with 1-inch margins.


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