Service Design Case Study

Service Design Case Study
Assignment Objective:
The purpose of this assignment is to create a case study which will involve planning out the operations of a service business, performing a strategic analysis of that business, identifying the target service market segment and consider and suggest changes to that service business to change its market segment. The case study will also identify automation opportunities in service provisioning, service delivery and control, service quality control and service configuration.

1. Perform a competitive analysis of the service business
a. Using 2 of Lovelock’s service classification dimensions.
Here is my options: Nature of the Service Act, Relationship with Customers, Degree of Customization. You may choose two out of these three options.

How complete and how does this relate to the service vision?

b. What can you offer in your service package to broaden the coverage of your service to more than one quadrant in Lovelocks service classification schemes in a) above

2. Perform a strategic analysis of the service business using
a. Porters 5 forces model
All 5 forces covered and how completely is each force covered?
The group should also describe strategies for responding/minimizing competitive threats.

3. Describe how you can change the proposed service package to create a competitor to that business based on differentiation, cost and focus?

Which dimensions of the service strategy is considered?
Are the changes to that dimension i.e. cost reflected in the modified service package?
4. Create (draw) a service blueprint of the operations of the service business

Make sure the customer interactions are at the same level of granularity.
Make sure the Service Blueprint relates to the service vision.
5. Describe one service interaction from the above service blueprint and the information that would be required from the customer and could be captured to understand your service performance and service quality.
Should describe the method for determining the quality of the customer interaction at that point of the service.

What are the dimensions of quality for that interaction.

6. finding a tool which automates the service analysis and design task.

Any tool other than automated SERVQUAL. (just describe it shortly 3-4 sentences)

7. Suggesting a novel approach to automating the service interaction described above.

Rebecca J.
Rebecca J.

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