Section 3: Individual Report Due Date: Week 11, 5pm, Tuesday 20th May 2013 Word Limit: 1000 word

Section 3: Individual Report Due Date: Week 11, 5pm, Tuesday 20th May 2013 Word Limit: 1000 words (not including, table of contents, references, appendices) Weighting: 20% Submission: 1) Turnitin and Electronically via MyRMIT Grade Centre; and 2) Hard copy via College of Business Assignment Box, on Level 7, Building 80 Individual Report Requirements:

1 You will be allocated a publically listed company in Sri Lanka, listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) that operates in a similar environment to Sekara Hotels Ltd, (i.e. in the chemical industry). You need to refer to this company’s website, and find the reports produced by this company for its stakeholders (this would generally include the annual report and other reports such as sustainability reports). These reports are normally available on the company’s website.

2 Drawing upon your allocated company, its web site, annual report and other reports, you are required to present a written report to Sekara Hotels Ltd outlining your findings regarding the following issues: 1. Describe the current sustainability reporting practices of your allocated company. 2. Based upon a discussion of relevant accounting theories, develop suggested sustainability reporting practices for SH’s new subsidiary in Sri Lanka. Your report should incorporate relevant accounting theories into your discussion,

(systems orientated theories). Your report must be fully referenced in text and include a list of references. You should keep in mind that your report is for a client of your firm. Marks will be allocated on the basis of the following submitted deliverables (please also refer to the individual report marking rubric): Deliverables: 1. Signed RMIT Coversheet 2. The client report, including: a. Table of contents b. Introduction; c. Findings d. Conclusion e. List of references