Safe Nurse Staffing for Rehabilitation Centers

Please using recent paper on Safe Nursing staff 1. Scientific Support Have research evidence to support that your selected intervention is an effective approach to your selected practice problem. You must have at least 10 primary references, either primary research studies or systematic reviews, to support your selected practice/policy as an approach to the practice problem. Note the evidence you use must be contemporary in nature and be no more than 5 years old. The only dated evidence that can be used would be seminal works such as theories, models, etc. Review, revise, and refine your evidence tables. Use the evidence tables in the APA template for your project proposal located in Course Resources. You may also use the evidence tables from your previous courses. Notice that there are two evidence tables; one is for primary research and one is for systematic reviews. Reviews of the literature, integrative reviews, state of the science papers, or clinical summary articles should not be on these tables since they are secondary sources. However, use these to find primary research articles to read and review and possible use as evidence. To recap: • Write a review of the 10 contemporary research studies you found relating to your project and its intervention. • Each research study should have its own paragraph and include: • Identify researcher(s) and date of publication • Primary purpose of the study • Research methodology and design used • Identify who subjects/participants were • How data was collected (via surveys, questionnaires, observation, etc.) • Type of data analyses conducted and major/significant findings • Discussion of how the study and its findings/conclusions relate to your proposed project 2. Evidence Synthesis Does the evidence answer your PICOT question? Write a synthesis of the evidence related to your practice problem and your selected intervention. A synthesis is not an article by article summary but rather an integration. Address similarities, differences of opinions inherent in the Evidence Review. 3. Practice/Policy Recommendation Based on your synthesis of the evidence, what practice/policy change would you recommend? What does the evidence indicate as effective approaches to the practice problem? Describe your practice/policy recommendation derived from your evidence synthesis. Discuss how this recommendation has led you to select the intervention in your PICOT question. 4. Theoretical Framework What is the theoretical framework for your project? Describe a theory or model to serve as the foundation of your project. How will your selected theory/model guide you within the context of your project? What are its major assumptions and how do they relate to the various stages of your project (needs assessment, planning, intervention/implementation, evaluation, etc.)? In addition to nursing theories, consider theories from other disciplines (i.e., behavioral, social sciences, education) or organizational theories that are optimally appropriate for your project. The following are theoretical foundations you may find helpful: • Nursing theory(Watson, Neuman, Leininger, Benner, etc.) OR Theory borrowed from other disciplines – o Theories from Social Sciences: Social Exchange Theory, General Systems Theory, Feminist Theory o Theories from Behavioral Sciences:Human Needs Theory (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs), Health Belief Model Theory of Planned Behavior o Learning Theories:Social Cognitive Theory Put your answers below and copy and paste this portion into the threaded discussion for week 3. PICOT: 2. Scientific Support 3. Evidence Synthesis 4. Practice Recommendation 5. Theoretical Framework


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