Safe Assign And Assignment

Safe Assign measures how much of the writing in Assignment 1 is NOT your own words and sentences.  Writing that is not your own words and sentences is called unoriginal content.  It is measured by Safe Assign as a percentage of the total words and sentences in your Assignment 1.  For instance, a Safe Assign score of 18% means 18% of the paper was unoriginal content.  Please read the “Due Dates and Tips for Success” in the Course Info tab.  Also, please read Strayer Writing Standards found in the course menu.  Then provide the following information:

  • What is the maximum percentage score an assignment can earn from Safe Assign and still be acceptable for grading in this class?
  • If a paper earns a Safe Assign score of 57%, will the paper be graded?  Yes or No?
  • If a paper has a Safe Assign score that is too high, what must the student do?
  • If a paper is revised due to a bad Safe Assign score, and if the revision still has a Safe Assign score that is too high, what are the two possible grades the student can get?
  • If a student wishes to see his or her Safe Assign report after the paper is submitted, what must the student do?
  • What effect do quotations have on the Safe Assign score?
  • What is the best way to lower a high Safe Assign score?
  • What are the five source list elements?
  • How many sources are required for Assignment 1?
  • Where can students find the list of approved corporations for Assignment 1?