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The Core Assessment for MK 386 is a research paper that addresses all the important areas that are required for a retail business. There are three steps to the project: select a retailer, conduct an interview, and write the paper. You will select your retailer in Unit 1, and should continue to work on the paper for the entirety of the term.  Core Learning Outcomes CLO#1: Summarize the contribution of retailers to the product value chain. CLO#2: Explain consumer motivations, shopping behaviors, and decision processes for evaluating retail offering and purchasing merchandise services. CLO#3: Evaluate corporate objectives, competitor analysis, and competitive strategy.Distinguish the traditional basis for segmentation and how segmentation can inform retail strategy. CLO#4: Summarize factors affecting strategic decisions involving investments in locations, supply chain and information systems, and customer retention programs. CLO#5: Integrate tactics (pricing, merchandise assortment, store management, visual merchandising, and customer service) for extracting profit from a retailing offering Submission Requirements  APA Format Double-spaced Size 12 font Preset (normal) margins Use the headings listed below (A. History of the Company, B. Retail Strategy, 1. Target Market etc. …) A well-researched paper should be at least 10 pages in length Submit through Turnitin in Unit 8



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