research questions 6

((curriculum and instructional leadership )) this my program

Think of the topic that interests you or that you are thinking to pursue for your dissertation. After reading about 6 approaches to qualitative research, discuss 2 (out of 6) possible ways to explore this topic. Why would you choose this particular approach? Formulate 2 research questions (must be more focused and specific than the topic) to fit 2 specific approaches that you selected (one question for each of the 2 approaches). Please make sure that your research questions are qualitative in nature — must be open-ended and focus on one phenomena/concept, not on the relationship between two variables (see lecture in module #2, slide #6). Read and respond to 2 peer posts.

It is important to be able to ‘see’ how authors incorporate the characteristics of qualitative research into their published studies. Read Ma (2010) article. Identify and discuss at least 2 characteristics of the qualitative research that Merriam talks about in the section “Definitions and characteristics of qualitative research” pp. 13-18. Note which of these characteristics are “easy” and which are “more difficult” to identify. Respond to 2 posts of your peers.


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