This is a valid topic of study, and an excellent start. Remember, the assignment is to persuade a corporate board or major professor that the problem you have identified is a worthy problem to spend resources and time in solving. In order to be persuasive, you need to be specific about the things you plan to observe, how you will go about observing them, and what will be the cost in resources and hours for completion.

“a. Is there a link between social media and insecurity in the world?
b. How has social media exacerbated cyber crime and increased insecurity in the business arena?
c. How has social media impacted on national security and individual lives?”

Any one of the above stated research questions would suffice with a focused list of variables to measure in the form of questionnaire for quantitative analysis, or open ended inquiry for in depth interviews (or focus groups) for qualitative analysis. There are, however, several research questions with no specific plan for observing the phenomena.

“In a nutshell, what was intended to be a mode of communication has been transformed into a popularity competition, a means through which fear, envy and insecurity has been inflicted on people. It’s therefore important to note that, the success of the social media lies in its versatility.”

The paper highlights a great broad topic area… “social media and information security”, but the research questions are still vague or unfocused. There is still no specific information on, 1.)  what variables are to be observed, 2.) the methods by which those variables will be observed, and 3.) the timeline for observation, analysis and reporting results.