reflection essays

For this assignment, we have three parts:

-watch and
– In a few paragraphs, define and reflect what plagiarism and academic integrity are
-How do these 2 ideas affect you as a student and how will they affect you later in your life? What are the different types of plagiarism? What are some types of plagiarism that the videos do not mention? How common do you think cheating even in the smallest sense is on college campuses? What is the George Mason University honor code? What are the repercussions of plagiarism? What are some examples of plagiarism that have happened in the media in the last couple of years?
-This can include social media like Instagram.
-Do this part in a separate document.

-There are seven questions presented for evaluating lit review introductions.
-In a few paragraphs, following those seven criteria evaluate the introduction to the sample lit review
-Do this part in a separate document.
-If you think anythink missing in this assignment please tell me.

-Read the attached pictures
-In a few paragraphs, summarize what you are planning to put in your introduction for your literature review. What are the most difficult challenges in developing your introduction?
-pp. 280 to 285 in relation to integrating evidence, which 3 criteria do you think will be the most difficult to follow and how will you overcome those challenges?
-I’ll send More info for this part once you start working on The assignment.
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