project phase 3 vamsi

Phase 3 Document Name: YourName_ISOL532_Practical_Connection_Phase_3.docx

Mechanics (same as Phase 2 with differences highlighted):

  • Heading 1 Topic: Recommendations to improve or add to Telecommunications and Network Security Protocols. (As a Security Consultant and based on what you have learned in this course, how would you improve your company’s Telecommunications and Network Security Protocols.
  • 1 to 3 single spaced pages, which are added to your Phase 2 Deliverable
  • At least 2 additional referenced sources
  • Be sure to update your TOC and Bibliography
  • Upload the Deliverable to the Final Project dropbox
    • Improvement 1
    • Improvement 2
    • Improvement 3

Content: Each suggested topic below should be a Heading 2 paragraph (You should have at least 6 topics)


Using an application such as Microsoft Word, based on your reading and supplemental research please complete the project as outlined above. Each Deliverable is to be uploaded to the Final Project dropbox by the due date (see syllabus). All three Deliverables are to be posted to the same dropbox. You may re-submit a Deliverable if your professor offers the opportunity in the feedback.


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