Project Paper And Presentation

See the attachment for details.

Final project presentation and paper (maximum 5 pages): 100 points (20%)>

The final project is to develop your own marketing plan for a sport product (good or service, either from a product for marketing through sport or marketing of sport) that does not exist in the current market.  You can either make up a totally new product (including service, of course), or just extend the brand (I’ll cover the topic ‘Brand Extension’ in week 1).

It’s all up to you. Use your imagination. The objective of the project is to give you an opportunity to apply what you’ve learned throughout the semester and to let you present your idea as if you are actually doing the presentation in front of virtual buyers or executives.

For the paper, please use 12 points Times New Roman font, double spaced and 1-inch margins everywhere with MS-Word. The length of the paper should not exceed 5 pages, including contents, figures, tables, pictures and references (APA style). You do not need a cover page.