Producing health, consuming health care. In Why are some people healthy and others not?

Producing health, consuming health care. In Why are some people healthy and others not?

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POST 1(Tina)

PR (the Patient in reference) is 49 years old, African American, and a hairdresser in the Bronx. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, which is in the early stages and treatable with chemotherapy. PR is fearful that she cannot afford the treatment because she supports her children and grandchildren on her salary. PR took in her grandchildren when her daughter passed away. She does not have medical insurance to cover extensive medical expenses, such as cancer treatment.

The social determinants include her environment, finances, education, healthcare, food, and social support (Artiga & Hinton, 2019). The social determinants of health are the factors that affect a person’s healthcare outcomes (Evans & Stoddart, 2017). PR lives in a rough neighborhood and does not have adequate finances. PR’s social support system is dependent on her. Her dependent system and poor social determinants could affect her ability to pay for breast cancer treatment.


Artiga, S., & Hinton, E. (2019). Beyond health care: the role of social determinants in promoting health and health equity. Health, 20, 10.

Evans, R. G., & Stoddart, G. L. (2017). Producing health, consuming health care. In Why are some people healthy and others not? (pp. 27-64). Routledge.


POST 2(Brandy)

The client I would like to discuss is a 40 year old single female, born in Russia, living in Clearwater Florida. Russian is her primary language although she is able to understand some basic words of English.  She does not work a full time job in the community however she is an active member of her church in the area which is  the Church of Scientology. Here she works for the church which provides her housing, food, religious beliefs, and health insurance. She moved to the United States three years ago to be a more active member in the church which is considered the flag ship of the religion. She came to the hospital with abdominal pain present for one week.

A social determinant shows if a client would use health promotion activities (“The conducting,” n.d.). The social determinants would be if her church allows her to come to the hospital and seek out medical treatment, language barrier, and financial concerns. When this patient arrives she is accompanied by her “counselor” who helps make all her medical decisions for her. The counselor then decides what will be allowed to be done for the client. A translator is used for the patient due to the language barrier and the need to ensure all information is being provided to the client.

The role of social support provides physical and emotional resources to the client (“The conducting,” n.d.). I would need to ask her open ended questions to determine what kind of social support this client has available.  Nurses who work in the Clearwater area have become familiar with the social support system the Church of Scientology provides to the client. Typically a client is never left alone in the hospital, the counselor will accompany the client wherever they go in the hospital, and the patient will not make any decisions unless they have discussed it in private with the counselor.  At times there could be two to four counselors available for this client at any time. The counselors are often dressed in black pants with white shirts and wear different symbols to show their level of authority within the church. Often times the client does not speak to any other people that are not a part of her community however there is many visitors from her church throughout the day. It is clear the church is the clients biggest social support.

This clients social determinants are directly impacted by her social support system. The church determines what can be done with her abdominal pain. The client is dependent on her social support system in every aspect of her life including financially, emotionally, and spiritually. Without her social support system the client would have to rely on the community resources such as assistance with food, health care and housing.


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