Press Release

Press Release
You are the PIO of the police department for a small, close-knit town in Virginia. Four days ago, your department received a missing child report. All hands at the department, as well as a very large contingent of volunteers from the public, have been searching non-stop for the past four days. The entire town is hoping and praying for a positive outcome.

You just received word that the child has been found. The details below have been provided to you. You are to prepare a written release to be provided to the media for dissemination by them to the public via their various forms of media.

Missing Child located after a four day search:

Female Child
Five years old
Identified as Jessica Leigh Chambers
Parents are Kevin & Diane Chambers
Found in a black Glad trash bag behind Gas N Go on Coventry & Pine Fork Rd.
Child was murdered
Child was sexually assaulted
Child was decapitated
Right pinky and thumb nails were ripped off
Burn mark on right cheek
Left eye ripped from socket