Over 2013/14, to what extent was the output gap a cause for concern?

Over 2013/14, to what extent was the output gap a cause for concern?
Points:GDP, unemployment, inflation, Balance of payment, budget.
Diagram:Business cycle, and explain “Recovery Boom contraction expansion”

2) How have countries applied trade-manipulating instruments over the period 2013/14? Using appropriate theories, outline the implication of such instruments for the countries themselves and the rest of the world.
3) Using appropriate theories, outline how the debt problem in Europe evolved over the period 2013/14, and assess responses by governments and institutions to various key events.

4) Assess the competing explanations of regional disparities. Do recent policy initiatives correspond to any theoretical analysis is being applied?
5) How might the type of good exported affect the growth rate of a country?

Forewarned topic areas for which you accumulate your own empirical evidence. (Note: you will fail if you do not demonstrate a detailed awareness of events during the period.

You will be assessed on the application of empirical evidence, gathered over the whole year, to relevant and well-explained theory).

Question 1, 2, 3 need 500 words more, Question 4, 5 needs 400 words more. Every topic is separate. Every topic MUST needs diagrams and example in 13/14.
Basic Theories are needed.