Organizational leadership challenges

1. A description of the organization and its primary stakeholders. Include the vision and mission statement if they are available to the public, and the code of ethics if the company has one (if it is long, an excerpt or description is an acceptable alternative).

2. A detailed description of one challenge facing the leadership of the organization.

3. A strategy for overcoming the challenge based on outside research, the textbook, and concepts discussed during your degree studies.

So that is “at a minimum” and you should review what the minimum would be on the scoring rubric when assessing points. If you wish to earn the most possible points on this paper you would ensure that you are responding to:

How did the leadership of the organization address the challenge? Could it have been done more effectively? How would you recommend future leaders strategically plan to avoid encountering a similar challenge within their own organizations? Provide suggestions for overcoming the challenge based on your own research and concepts presented in your degree program and grounded in leadership theory.