NURS 6512 Week 4 Assignment 3 (Optional) Practice Assessment

NURS 6512 Week 4 Assignment 3 (Optional) Practice Assessment: Skin, Hair, and Nails Examination

NURS 6512 Week 4 Assignment 3 (Optional) Practice Assessment

Advanced practice nurses are required to have the skills and knowledge necessary to perform many different physical assessments and health examinations. In this course, you will demonstrate your abilities in this area by conducting various optional examinations on a volunteer “patient.” NURS 6512 Week 4 Assignment 3 (Optional) Practice Assessment

In preparation for the Comprehensive (Head-to-Toe) Physical Assessment due in Week 9, it is recommended that you practice conducting an assessment of the skin, hair, and nails this week.

Note: This is an optional practice physical assessment.


To Prepare

  • Arrange an appropriate time and setting with your volunteer “patient” to perform a skin, hair, and nails examination.
  • Download and review the Skin, Hair, and Nails Student Checklist and Key Points, provided in this week’s Learning Resources, and review the Seidel’s Guide to Physical Examination online media.

Optional Lab Assignment

  • Perform the skin, hair, and nails examination, covering all of the areas listed in the checklist.

Hi Everyone,

Many have questions regarding Week 4.  There are 2 assignments that are due this week .  Shadow health assignment this is an important assignment in order to pass the course you must make a combined score of 80% from your DCE assignment along with that attached documentation notes for that assignment.  Also, you have the skin disorder you may chose  from the picture.  So, if there is a red rash.  Your CC can be itchy red rash.   Then your HPI will include the onset,location, duration, associating or aggravating factors.  I listed an ex. how to do the HPI.  Please use your soap note comprehensive template.  We understand you do not have a lot  of the material but this is to practice doing a write you may make up some material but may be easier to use the template.  Also, I wanted to address that I usually post the assignments early  because I know some students like to work ahead.   It is only required to post the week ahead.  So,  if there are any questions or concerns about an assignment please feel free to contact me in a timely and respectful manner.  My office hours are on Thursday, but if there is another time or if you need to contact me please emai me l and we can  set up a time to talk .  I know It can be frustrating at times with online learning,  but there are some helpful tips that may help you.   First check your announcements at least twice a week. Also, use your grading rubric for each assignment. Further, please note the resource list as well as the course content  to your left of the page it  will have have each week assignment as well as in learning resources.  Most important I am here as instructor and resource guide. Please utilize all these resources.  I want everyone to be successful and confident in the course.

I will be posting week 5 and 6 shortly. Please note but focus on week 4

Thank you, 

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