news items 3

a page and newspaper, magazine, Internet site, television or radio program for each chapter total 5 pages

Constitution with capital C

  • News items – Find a news item [newspaper, magazine, Internet site, television or radio program] related to or about the American political system. Write down the a) main idea; b) people involved [i. e., name, office]; c) how it relates to the current or previous class readings; and, d) your opinion and WHY you believe this way. Late items will be assessed a 10% penalty, minimum.

It is spelled: Constitution, White House, Congress, the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Supreme Court, the State of Ohio, Republican Party, Democratic Party, all right & Internet, no use of /. Everyone = his or her – not they or their. No “Word”. or “word”, – keep punctuation inside the quotes. Do not use the words awesome, amazing, nowadays or now-a-days, back in the day, or huge. Sentences do not begin with the word Also.Any deviation will result in a significant loss of grade.


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