Negative Impacts of Beauty Standards Perpetuated by Ads

Beauty standards perpetuated by advertisements can have various negative impacts on individuals and society. The purpose of this study is to embark on the negative impacts of beauty standards perpetuated by ads:

Negative Impacts of Beauty Standards Perpetuated by Ads

Body Image Issues:

Low Self-Esteem: Advertisements often portray an idealized and often unrealistic standard of beauty. This can lead individuals to compare themselves to these standards, fostering feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, and body dissatisfaction.

Psychological Effects:

Eating Disorders: The pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty ideals can contribute to the development of eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, or binge eating disorder.

Depression and Anxiety: Constant exposure to narrow beauty standards can contribute to mental health issues, including depression and anxiety, as individuals may feel the need to meet unattainable expectations.

Cultural and Racial Implications:

Lack of Diversity: Many advertisements historically emphasized a narrow definition of beauty, often excluding diverse body types, skin tones, and features.

Impact on Relationships:

Relationship Strain: Unrealistic beauty standards can strain relationships as individuals may feel pressured to meet or exceed these ideals. This can lead to dissatisfaction and insecurity within relationships.

Financial Strain:

Spending on Beauty Products: Advertisements often promote a plethora of beauty products promising to help individuals achieve the perceived ideal. This can lead to excessive spending on cosmetics, skincare, and other beauty-related products, contributing to financial strain.


Reduced Agency: Overemphasis on physical appearance in advertising can reduce individuals to objects of desire, undermining their agency and worth beyond physical attributes.

Unrealistic Expectations:

Photo Editing: Many advertisements use photo editing techniques to create flawless and unrealistic images. This can set unattainable expectations and contribute to a distorted view of what is considered normal or beautiful.

Social Comparison:

Constant Comparison: Advertising encourages constant comparison with images of idealized beauty. This can create a culture of competitiveness and lead to feelings of inadequacy.

Impact on Men:

Pressure on Men: While women are often the primary targets of beauty standards in advertising, men are increasingly facing pressure to conform to unrealistic ideals, contributing to body image issues and self-esteem issues.

Addressing these negative impacts requires a shift in the way beauty is portrayed in advertising, promoting diversity, inclusivity, and realistic representations of individuals. Advocacy for body positivity, media literacy, and campaigns that challenge narrow beauty standards can contribute to fostering a healthier and more inclusive environment.

Rebecca J.
Rebecca J.
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