Tasty Freeze is a company that produces ice cream and sells it to distributors in North America. The company headquarters is housed in a large downtown building in Chicago. All of the senior management—the president and all vice presidents—use Macintosh computers with the Mac OS X operating system. The Marketing Department uses Windows Vista and Windows 7 as does the Accounting Department.


The Manufacturing and Operations Department uses workstations running Linux, which have specialized software for their area, including a complex inventory and distribution client/server system. The servers used by the company include a combination of Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. There has been some turnover in the Computer Support area of the company, and they have hired you as a consultant to provide help.

In one paragraph for each question, complete the questions below using complete sentences


1. A new vice president has just been hired and she is not familiar with Macintosh computers. You have been asked to provide her with a set of simple written instructions about how to access the documents in the home folder, which were left by her predecessor. Also, provide instructions about how to create a new folder in Mac OS X. Note that both the predecessor and the new vice president are using the same user account name, which is VP Financials. Finally, the vice president needs your advice for creating a folder structure under her home folder. She wants a separate location for each of the following:

?Rulings by the board of directors

?Financial spreadsheets

?Word-processed documents that pertain to her division

?Word-processed documents that relate to senior management activities

?Marketing reports


2. A new computer has just been purchased for the accounting manager. The company purchased the computer without an operating system, because they already have extra licensed copies of Windows 7 They ask you to set up the computer. What Windows 7 file system do you implement, recognizing that the accounting manager needs a system that can be secure? Explain your decision and briefly discuss the advantages of this file system. Also, the accounting manager asks you to set up a preliminary folder structure to contain:

?Accounting reports

?Word-processed documents

?Department memos

?Personnel evaluations

Explain where you would set up this folder structure an


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Rebecca J.

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