MC Fluid and Electrolyte Physical Examination Presentation

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I’m working on a nursing case study and need a sample draft to help me study.

Activity Fluid and Electrolyte Case Study: Answers the Questions using a PowerPoint Presentation.

Ms. Craft, age 59, is brought by ambulance to the emergency room because she thought she was dying. She reports difficulty breathing, dizziness if she attempts to sit up, and feeling a sense of impending doom. Ms. Craft called for emergency assistance under the assumption she was having a heart attack.

Physical examination shows Ms. Craft to have weakness, malaise, warm skin, and hypotension along with a verbal report of nausea. Her blood glucose value is diagnostic for diabetes. Cardiac markers and an EKG do not indicate a heart attack. Medical history reveals Ms. Craft has not seen a doctor in several years and is unaware she has diabetes. Respirations are deep and rapid, and typical of Kussmaul respirations.

· Explain what Ms. Craft probably has and why/how did this occur?

· In what way does the diabetes contribute to her condition?

Isotonic, hypertonic, and hypotonic are terms that refer to concentration levels in a fluid. Explain an example of one type and how it impacts the body in Ms. Craft’s case.

Rebecca J.
Rebecca J.

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