Land and Health

Land is intertwined with culture, community, and spirituality. It shapes the medicines that we use and the ceremonies that we engage with. Land-based practices have also contributed to the development and maintenance of intimate relationships between communities and their environments, through traditional harvesting practices and environmental stewardship. Relationships with the land are an integral component of holistic wellness and are interconnected with building a sense of community and resilience. At the same time, barriers to accessing the land may contribute to issues related to health wellness for Indigenous people.

In this module we will be exploring both land as a protective factor for health and wellness, as well as the historical and ongoing challenges that are imposed on Indigenous peoples in terms of maintaining connectedness to land.

MODULE 7 | Readings & Resources



· Chapter 16: “The Relatedness of People, Land, and Health.” pp. 167-182. In, Determinants of Indigenous Peoples’ Health.



1. How a People Live:

After finishing the readings:

Please answer following questions individually(400 words each, Totally 800 words):

1. How is land, as a determinant of health, connected to colonialism? Please reference Chapter 16 and the excerpt from The Inconvenient Indian in your response.

2. Please respond to the following questions after watching How a People Live:

a) What were the impacts of being forcibly disposed and disconnected from the land/territory?

b) Please list at least three strengths or indicators of resilience that you saw in the movie.