journal for hn 499

Part 1

Click on at least one of the professional development websites listed (you can also search for others or use one that you already have) to research your desired career for the Unit 9 Assignment. In your Journal entry, share a little bit about what you learned from this research, making sure to include answers to the following:

  • What new information did you glean from the site?
  • How will this information be helpful in planning your future human services career?
  • How do you see it helping you once you are established within your career?

Occupational Outlook Handbook:

Professional Development Organizations:

  • National Organization for Human Services (information on board certification):
  • National Association of Social Workers:
  • American Counseling Association:
  • American Psychological Association:
  • Association for Women in Psychology:
  • Association of Black Psychologists:
  • The Gerontological Association of America:
  • American Public Human Services Association:
  • National Council on Family Relations:

Part 2

Continue researching your desired career by exploring more of the human services professional websites from part 1. In addition, research human service related job opening positions in your area through the local newspapers, employment agencies, and/or online resources. Write about what you discovered. What did you find out in your career search? What opportunities are available?

Your entry should be between 150-200 words.


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