Is Facebook Making Us Lonely

Is Facebook Making Us Lonely
Project description
Critique Essay:
Write a 3 page critique based on your close reading of the text posted in Moodle and using the guidelines in the textbook. WARNING: The text for this assignment is rather lengthy. You will need to spend a lot of time trying to understand it. This is not a quick and easy read. //Dont only find faults; “critique” denotes a consideration of strengths as well as weaknesses.
(The text will be in the attachments area with annotation)
How to get the thesis answer the following..
Is the Presentation logical? is the evidence dependable? do you agree with the author’s conclusions?
The order of the essay should be like the following:
I. Introduction
A. Introduce the topic with a hook
B. Introduce the author
C. Introduce the text you’ll be critiquing
D. End introduction with your thesis
II. Summary
A. Broad summary of the article’s structure (Name of sections, ill talk about)
1. Topic sentence
2. Sentence describing the structure – five sections
B. Summary of the content (Talk about these grouped sections that are in the text. The Sections will be clear on the annotation paper of the text, that i will have on the attachments)
1. Section 1 (Be specific. In a sentence each section)
2. Section 2
3. Section 3
4. Section 4
5. Section 5
III. Review of the key points that you’ll be evaluating (Transition to both key point s that youll be talking about in your evaluation)
A. Key point 1 (strength)
B. Key point 2 (weakness)
IV. Evaluation of key point 1 (strength)
A. Identify the idea, quote where necessary – Prove why its there
B. Explain why it is strong
V. Evaluation of key point 2 (weakness)
A. Identify the idea, quote where necessary – Lack of evidence
B. Explain why it is weak
VI. Conclusion
A. Restatement of the thesis
B. Suggestions for further research and/or how the author could make the article bette


Rebecca J.
Rebecca J.

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