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Often, in engaging in survey research, we need to control for factors that have an effect on the dependent variable (DV) but for which we do not have hypotheses (they might matter, but we don’t care how they matter). These factors are called control variables. They often take the form (in surveys, anyway) of background questions.
Using the various materials available in Weeks 4 and 6, construct a “Background Questions Section” of a survey using the instructions given below.
Your questions/items should inquire in a polite, useful, precise manner, in line with Prof. Heiman’s advice on survey questions about the following data:
Respondent’s age.
Respondent’s gender.
Respondent’s income.
Number of years respondent studied abroad.
Years lived in the USA by the respondent.
Time in years in the respondent’s current job.
Hint: Use intervals, where appropriate (e.g., “0-2 years living in the USA”). Indicate, as part of the survey, how each question is scored (how each possible response would be turned into a number.
Create the WHOLE Background Questions section, including response areas (for example, check boxes, or fill-in lines, or something else. The survey format should be USER FRIENDLY. Do NOT copy the words I have given you above. That is not a move that will earn a passing grade.
This assignment is worth up to an extra 7% of the final grade, a generous chunk of XC.
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