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For today, write a two-page essay using your MLA template that responds to the following:

  • What is Postman’s main claim, thesis, or primary point in “The Word Weavers/The World Makers”? ( upload the file )
    • How does this main claim relate to the title, “The Word Weavers/The World Makers”?
    • What is one quote from the text that supports the main claim? To incorporate this quote into your essay, use a correct signal phrase, an accurate quotation, and MLA in-text citation. For page numbers, you can use the page numbers from the document (pages 1-3).
  • What key supporting points does Postman make to support this primary point?
    • How do these points directly relate to the main claim?
  • What rhetorical appeals does Postman use (e.g., appeals to logic, authority, or emotion, or timeliness)?
    • How do these appeals help him persuade us of his main claim?
  • Thinking back to the issue you explored in “Where I’m From,” how could the essay you wrote help to “weave the world,” and eliminate single stories for your reader?

Skills to Demonstrate

  • Analysis
    • Accurate analysis of a text.
    • The ability to identify an author’s main claim, supporting points, rhetorical appeals, and your own writing as it relates to Postman’s ideas.
  • Technical Skills
    • The proper capitalization and formatting of article or chapter titles.
      • The first letters of all key words in a title are capitalized; the titles of short works like articles and chapters are placed in quotation marks (and not italicized).
    • The ability to embed quotes and paraphrases in an essay.

An properly embedded quote or paraphrase includes –

        • a signal phrase
        • the quotation or paraphrase
        • the MLA in-text citation
        • and an explanation of the quote or paraphrase.

        Examples of signal phrases to show you’re referring to another author’s ideas:

            • Postman argues, Postman remembers, Postman explains, Postman shows, Postman finds…
            • Use the present tense when referring to authors’ ideas, even though they wrote or spoke these ideas in the past. Ideas are considered “eternally present.”

          • MLA In-Text Citations
            • Use an MLA in-text citation at the end of each key point from Postman’s essay, so a reader can easily find the points you’re referring to in the original source.
              • In-Text Citations are used after paraphrases and direct quotations.
              • MLA in-text citations follow the sentences in which source information is found.
              • For an author of an essay with page numbers, the MLA format is: (Postman 2).
              • The period is always placed after the in-text citation, not after the sentence.
                • NO: Periods are placed after in-text citations. (Postman 1).
                • YES: Periods are placed after in-text citations (Postman 1).
              • There’s a space before the open parenthesis of an in-text citation.
                • NO: There’s always “a space before an in-text citation”(Postman 3).
                • YES: There’s always “a space before an in-text citation” (Postman 3).
  • Complete all elements of the prompt.
  • Right two full pages.
  • Accurately analyze a reading.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the following rhetorical appeals: logos, ethos, pathos, kairos.
  • Demonstrate the following technical skills:
    • Proper capitalization, formatting, and punctuating of titles.
    • Accurate MLA in-text citations.
    • Proper embedding of quotations and paraphrases.
    • The use of the present tense when referring to the ideas in sources.
  • Write clearly and logically


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