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Managerial Issues of a Networked Organization

For any organization to be successful, it is very important to have an operational and proficient management. It is primary that they know the issues clearly in the different management departments and their risks with the connections of the network. Coming to a networked organization, there are various issues which management will face. Few of the examples include financial limitations and having fewer assets. These kinds of issues can be solved easily when the network design is defined properly with management designations. Operations done by the management will be related to both inside and outside of the company. Mainly in the large companies all the management departments needs to be under same roof instead of being separate for individual areas. As there have the process and systems similar across the company which will be very useful to them. Also the focus and goal of all the employees under all the departments will be similar. Defined processes which will be followed by the management departments need to very simple and understandable to all the sections of the employees. As it can create a path for all listening to all the innovative ideas from all the departments of the company. In all the companies rather than just following the same models, tools or process. It is always better to adapt to the new models, processes and the technologies in the current world. Controlling of the ownership is one of the major challenges for the upper management as they will be various teams and managements within the departments. It will be hard to control or judge the individual teams or people without any standard process across the Organizations. Gaps in communication is the another important topic where management faces issues. As we know when it comes to a team or groups various people are involved here. Each individual is different from one other, for management understanding all the people on what type of personality they are and communicating based of that to reduce all the conflict between people and teams.


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