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Disease Risk Assessment Please take at least one assessment on cancer risks. Explain your risk factors and what steps you could take to help control these risks. Then take at least one longevity assessment. Explain what steps you could take to add years to your life. Although a risk factor analysis is not completely accurate in predicting disease, this type of analysis can alert you if you are high at risk for this and other chronic diseases. Several internet sites offer risk screenings. The link provided below will take you to a brief quiz on cancer There is also a good quiz there for CVD risks, as well as many other diseases, if you would like to add to your body of knowledge. Here are some good links to help with the longevity assessments – whichever one looks interesting to you Research this topic both in your textbook and in at least three additional professional sources. Write a scholarly paper in APA format containing 300 to 400 words.When you have completed your paper, please save your paper, then upload by clicking on the title, Assignment: Disease Risk Assessment which is a link that then allows you to “Browse my Computer” to upload into the Assignment forum.

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