i need help creating an imc plan for my marketing project

This week you’ll apply what we have learned in Module 7 about advertising, promotion and the promotional mix to develop your IMC plan. The instructions and requirements can be found here. Pay close attention to the requirements for mock-ups or examples of your plan. You are required to use the creative brief format described in the requirements. This part of your plan is challenging but can also be fun – get creative and try some new stuff. Click here for examples of IMC mock-ups.

My marketing project is an App for Boomers

An app for Boomers (about ages 60-75) to find recreation and activities in their area.

Stuff to consider…

– About 1000 Boomers retire everyday

– On average, they are the wealthiest generation in history

– Due to better medical care, they tend to be active well past retirement

– Most own cell phones, tablets and use both social media and the net regularly


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