Human Anatomy Current Event

Research a publicly reported, unique current event (March 25, 2020 March 23, 2021) in the biomedical sciences that relates to some fact or concept in human anatomy. The current event can be from a magazine or journal, newspaper, Internet source, radio, television or almost any other conceivable public information source. However, be careful with fads or unsubstantiated claims. This is a scientific, not an opinion, paper.  Single-spaced summary of how their chosen current event relates to anatomy as studied in this class. The relationships to specific facts or concepts from lab, the notes or textbook must be included. The textbook called McKinley, Human Anatomy 6th Edition. Proper citation of resources is required at the end of the paper but any format is acceptable. If the source citation(s) do not allow access to the full article(s), one point will be deducted. As part of the introduction, include either: 1) a link to the current event source or 2) a copy of the current including title, date, author(s) and at least a full page of text/content. The purpose of the introduction is to provide background information to the reader for determining how well the relationships between the current event and class are described.


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