How Does The Conflict Between The Us And China Affect The Volume Of Trade Between The Two Countries

2000 words using SPSS analysis data and describe the result and finding.
use SPSS as the main statistic tool to explore the relationship between several independent variables and the trading volume of China to the US over the last 20 years. It will collect data from 1999 to 2019 to identify the rule of change in trading volume. More specific, the independent variables will be the exchange rate of China-us, tariffs and interest rate of a Chinese bank, the dependent variable will be the trading volume of China to the US. Firstly, it will conduct a descriptive analysis of each independent variable to give a brief introduction to these financial variables. Then a scatter chat analysis will be used to confirm whether there is a linear relationship between the independent variables to the total trading volume. If a trend cable relationship is found in the preliminary scatter chat analysis, further correlation analysis will be conduct to judge and identify the linear relationship. Since there is no qualitative data as an independent variable, no qualitative analysis will be used in this paper. After the above researches, the conflict of China and the US reflected by the change of tariffs, exchange rate and interest rate of bank, it will use the regression model to identify the mutual influence of these financial variables to the dependent variable. By using the regression model, it will explain more details of interrelation between these financial variables and will give further confirmation of whether there is a positive or negative correlation between independent and dependent variables.



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