How can anything (from a learning process) be accomplished without a plan?

Minister Interviews Paper Instructions

Ministry is not a one-man enterprise. It is an undertaking that requires the involvement of a community. According to the Bible, God made each and every person in His image according to His likeness, yet you can look throughout the Bible and see that even though mankind is made in the image of God; God did not create one man to be a carbon copy of another man. Some men were made to be kings, some priests, some prophets, shepherds, etc. Consequently, everyone was made for a purpose, and, accordingly, man was and is responsible to fulfill that purpose. Being called into the ministry means that you help discover their purpose in life. However, in order to preach/teach most suitably, you need to be able to discover from others.

In order to be of value in preaching/teaching, the minister needs to have experience about the subject matter. Not only does the minister need to have experience (strong Christian background), but he also needs to have good content in his preaching/teaching. This content should be Spirit led and conducive for his listeners. In other words, the environment (no matter where) needs to be one so that it invites the listeners to learn. This seems to best take place with the initiation of a plan or scheme. How can anything (from a learning process) be accomplished without a plan? It is from the plan that the message is enabled to evolve. The approach to the message might vary, but it should be formatted in such a manner that the methodology of the minister is transparent. One of the paramount opportunities for a young minister (or any minister) is to be able to learn from other ministers. Experience is a valuable tool in any occupation, but especially in ministry.

These interviews were designed to help you become a better minister by learning from other ministers—hearing about their failures and successes in ministry. These papers should include 4 different interviews of ministers in your local area. These interviews should each be approximately 1 page in length for a total of 4 pages and should be accompanied by a properly formatted title page. The content of these interviews should start with a very brief description of the minister’s salvation experience and then include his call into the ministry. Moreover, these interviews should include a brief description of his view of ministry. 

Remember, this paper is to follow Turabian guidelines and should be presented without any grammar or spelling errors.