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Leadership Action Projects:

Action projects should be designed to document need, increase awareness, mobilize action, influence policy, increase funding or in some way directly impact child care quality, affordability and accessibility.

Participants are encourages to adopt a program specific or community based strategy or to join in an existing regional or statewide initiative. The entire project should be between 10-12 pages in length, including references.

Possible project ideas include:
1. Making the Case
 Documenting the true cost of providing quality child care.
 Identify and document barriers to accessing affordable child care.
 Survey workforce and identify recruitment and retention issues.
 Profile quality programs; identify recruitment and retention issues.

2. Building Coalitions
 Develop public awareness campaign about need for high quality child care.
 Organize a legislative community forum.
 Support worthy wage program.
 Identify allied agencies/associations and develop strategy for collaboration around shared priorities.

3. Strengthening Capacity for Change
 Develop strategy for growing new leaders in your program or community.
 Create network for information and resource sharing and collaboration.

4. Fundraising
 Identify and develop a fundraising plan for a center

5. Advocacy
 Identify a group of organizations and individuals committed to improving developmental outcomes in the areas of learning, health, safety and economic security for children ages birth to eight.

6. Schools/Degrees
 Compile a list of colleges/ schools and the degrees appropriate for education. Including ECTC and NAEYC accredited institutions.

Preliminary Project Plan

 Points to consider:
o What are measurable outcomes you are trying to achieve?
o What is the plan for inclusion of community input?
o Who are you trying to reach?
o What is your message?
o What resources do you need?

Project Report Outline

 Assessment
o What did you do?
o Why did you do it?
o What were your assumptions when you began?
 Planning
o How did you go about obtaining resources?
o What other resources did you need (people, funds)?
o What criteria did you determine would be a measure of your success?
 Implementation
o Describe what happened.
o How did you solve any problems?
 Evaluation
o Was your project a success based on criteria?
o Discuss personal evaluation of experience and what you learned about leadership.

Rebecca J.
Rebecca J.

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