Health Information CT 6

implementing systems, while reimbursement for services is decreasing and budgets are shrinking.
Technology impacts everyone involved in every aspect of patient care, from the admitting clerk at the front desk to allied health personnel and technicians to medical providers. Select one of the following technologies and provide a summary of its use in today’s healthcare environment.

Speech recognition technology
Natural language processing
Bar coding technology
Optical character and gesture recognition technologies
Clinical decision support systems
Computerized order entry
Electronic prescribing
Mobile and Wireless Technologies
Point of Care Information Systems
Radio frequency identification tracking

In a 3- to 5-page essay, using sources to support your responses, answer the following questions.

How is your chosen technology utilized, and by whom?
What are the benefits to using this technology?
What are the challenges to its utilization?
Is this a “first generation” technology at this time, that is, are improvements already being developed or seen for the near future?

Complete your 3- to 5-page response in Microsoft Word using Times New Roman or a similar font, 12 point, double-spaced. Your paper should be formatted according to APA Requirements with any sources and references properly cited.
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